Technology and equipment for thermo-pulse deburring process


Typical parts made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, before and after thermo impulse treatment

A thermo-pulse deburring process has been derived to allow efficiency automation of such laborious operations as finishing and trimming. Burrs and other defects formed on the surface of parts in the process of their manufacture are removed by momentary action of heat liberated on ignition of inflammable gaseous mixture in a closed chamber.

By varying the duration of thermal affect one can, whit the aid of this procedure, process external and internal surfaced on components having diverse configurations and made from structural steel, titanium, aluminum, manganese and other alloys, plastics and rubber.

The incorporation of technical innovations, superior as compared to similar domestic and foreign facilities, has resulted in much lesser metal content (from 2 to 4 times), dramatic cut down of electric power consumption (from 10 to 20 times) and smaller floor area. Other advantages are: use of various hydrocarbon gaseous fuels, fast equipment revamping. Cleaning of combustion products that are disposed from the working zone improve environmental conditions. In comparison with other devices of the class, this unit ensures better processing as condensation of combustion products and, hence, pollution of the chamber and workpieces are avoided. Moreover, the process is devoid of overheating and chemical etching of oxides.

It is possible to use this technology and equipment in aerospace and machine-building branches for ensuring of industry clearness of  parts of pneumatic, fuel and hydraulic systems.

Technology and equipment, which secured by a number of Ukrainian and foreign patents ensure: reliability and high quality of processing important parts of pneumo- and hydraulic aggregates; guaranteed cleaning of parts nonaccessible for treatment by any other known methods; the possibility of removing microparticles which inevitably are formed on the parts surface in the course of processing. This fact is very important to increase the reliability and service life of pneumatic and hydraulic systems.


Equipment model T-15 for thermo impulse surface treatment

High-temperature alloy