Argon Arc Droplet Welding


Aluminium thin part welding

The essence of the droplet welding process lies in the following. Given volume and shape of spike is gotten by forced transfer the molten metal droplet, produced by electrode stick-out reflowing, on sheet article.

The results obtained

  • equipment for argon arc droplet welding have developed;
  • different  materials (such as steel, titanium and aluminum alloys, etc.) have been researched, which allows to collate quickly the fillet material and welding conditions;
  • experience of manufacturing applications for aerospace and radioelectronic industry.

Advantages of argon-arc droplet welding technique are

  • spike-facing of aluminum metal sheets 0.8 mm the thickness are available;
  • precise mass regulation and electrode droplet temperature;
  • high strength of  joints.

This technique is used for

  • spiked sheet article production for An-124 "Ruslan" aircraft cargo floor plating of titanium alloys and for An-72, An-74 aircraft cargo floor plating of thin aluminium sheets;
  • building-up for different kind of electric contact parts, including copper and silver as adding material;
  • aluminium thin part welding. Method allow to fasten structure parts together with punctual connection instead of rivet or threaded fasteners, to accomplish tack weld for different parts such as conduit, tank, jacket-box.

Operation benefits are

  • welding device installs at general-purpose equipment, so capital expenditures are decreased at work preparation;
  • possibility to shape spikes, to dispose spikes on a metal sheet as required;
  • joint making technique is simplified and structure hogging are decreased.
d-MIG process Spiked sheet article production