Impulse cutting machines

Impulse wasteless cutting of gratted hot workpieces on measured parts (impulse cutting machines – МИР)

Решение задач высокоскоростной резки с применением метода конечных элементов

Impulse cutting process is based on utilization of kinetic energy stored by movable elements of impulse machine in acceleration, and realized by fixed on it tool – flat-wedge-shaped blades. Acceleration of impulse machine elements provides by heat drive acting on mixture of gaseous hydrocarbon fuel with air. Billet cutting provides without wastes by doublesided synchronous intrusion of blades, which moves one towards another, in billet material. Cutting force is locked inside the installation, and do not affect the foundations and adjacent equipment.

Elements of computer-aided system for heat drive design are worked out. It is possible to determine relationship of energy-power characteristic from geometric and other parameters of heat drive, including parameters of closing-by-passing device and energy resources. Technology and equipment for shearing operation as cutterbar in continuous processing lines of all types instead of mechanohydraulic and flame cutting.

In comparison with flame cutting МИР from 3 to 5 times more effective. In comparison with mechanohydraulic more effective from 3 to 5 times. Under enhancing of casting speed over 3 m/min МИР has no rivals.

Proposed technology and equipment is appropriate to use in ironworks also in machine building enterprises for cut off defective blank tips, sample splitting, forging, punching, separation of head and bottom parts of ingots before reduction etc.

The set of mathematical models (by means of FEM) allowing to solve the problems of high-speed cutting of continuous castings, was developed.

Применение МИР в технологических линиях МНЛЗ на Молдавском металлургическом заводе

Schematic diagram

of ICM and Industrial machine MIR-30