Technology and equipment for processing of metal chip by high speed briquetting method

Nomenclature of briquettes from ferrous and non-ferrous metal chip

Metal chip briquetting process is based on utilization of kinetic energy stored by movable elements of impulse machine in acceleration. Acceleration of impulse machine elements provides by heat drive acting on mixture of gaseous hydrocarbon fuel with air. Briquetting realized in matrix by blow of high speed movable punch. Forces are locked inside the installation, and do not affect the foundations and adjacent equipment. Elements of computer-aided system for impulse briquetting machine design are worked out. It allows to develop working draft of briquetting installation at the earliest possible date and most satisfy to customer demands. Briquetting equipment for 15-25 kg briquettes of stainless steels and ferrous is in experimental use in production company "ПТТП", city of Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.


In comparison with static pressing allows:

  • to increase briquette density more than 1.5 times;
  • to decrease equipment steel intensity more than 2 times;
  • to decrease equipment production cost price more than 5 times;
  • to decrease equipments installed capacity more than 3 times;
  • pollution free green equipment.


Technology and equipment profit:

  • it is possible to get briquettes up to 200 kg mass;
  • it is possible to decrease power inputs per output unit;
  • simplicity of structure, running and maintenance of equipment;
  • simplicity of equipment integration in automated workshop structure;
  • reduction of transport charges;
  • elimination of violation of the working loads on foundations;
  • pollution free, environmentally appropriate technology and equipment.

Impulse briquetting machine Т4136

Schematic diagram of impulse briquetting machine

: 1 – body with burning chamber and cylinder; 2 – anvil block; 3 – tighten plates;

4 – rod-punch; 5 – counter-rod; 6 – die